Wills and Succession

Why should I make a Spanish Will?

Spanish willsMaking a Spanish Will is not compulsory – but it is highly recommended!

All Wills made in Spain are registered centrally at the Registry of Wills, which makes it very easy to locate them, and to carry out the person’s wishes in the event of death. Because Wills are registered in Spain, it is not necessary to apply for Probate as in other countries.

With a Spanish Will in place, everything can be sorted out in just a few weeks.

It is important to remember that a deceased person’s estate is treated differently in Spain, and that it may seem unfamiliar and even confusing. For example, it is quite common in the UK to set up a Trust, but this is totally unknown in Spain. At MAM, we understand the processes involved, and can help you get it right first time.

The difference between having a Will and not having a Will can be enormous. When we die, we want our assets to go to our loved ones. Without a Will, that may not happen.

Furthermore, in the absence of a Will, the Inheritance Tax burden left behind may be far greater than it needs to be. We can help you minimise this risk.

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