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Making a Spanish Will, while not compulsory, is highly advisable. To draw up a will in Spain to cover only the Spanish assets, makes the whole procedure a lot easier, less expensive and above all, less stressful for the beneficiaries. All Wills in Spain are registered in one central Registry, which makes it easy to apply for a certificate in the event of having to find out what someone’s Last Will and Testament entails. This tells the person where the will was actually signed and can be obtained within a few days. The system is so simple and straightforward here, that it would be a pity not to take advantage of it!


It is very advisable to use the services of a local solicitor who can take care not only of the payment of your taxes in Spain but also to keep you informed of any essential changes in the law which may affect your interest. Besides, your solicitor can also assist you in sorting out any hiccups related to your Spanish property if you are not in the country (i.e. electricity problems, letters that you do not understand….). At MAM Solicitors we can help you with all your needs for fiscal representation.

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